Laos Background

Laos is a communist single-party socialist republic. The only legal political party is the Lao People's Revolutionary Party (LPRP) and the head of state is President Choummaly Sayasone, who also is secretary-general of the LPRP.

The Laos economy is heavily dependent on investment and trade with its neighbors Thailand, Vietnam, and China. The economy receives foreign direct investment for development of the society, industry, hydropower and mining. Laos is rich in mineral resources and metallurgy has been an important industry, paving the way for the government to attract foreign investment in other sectors. In addition, the country's plentiful water resources and mountainous terrain enable it to produce and export large quantities of hydroelectric energy.

About Laos Development Group International

We believe that specific government partnerships with well-qualified foreign companies can give the Laos industry a major boost. This has been the major reason for LDG Internationl's success in engaging private-public partnerships for over 30 years.

Government assistance is particularly important at the early stages of business development. Most of our prospective clients and partners usually find it very difficult to obtain the necessary requirements and reach their goal. LDG International, however, can bridge this gap with the know-how and experience to support our partners and dealing with the government.

The Benefits of LDG International Partnership Include:

♦  The single source to connect foreign investors to Laos government and projects
♦  Reduce expense and difficulty of doing business in Laos
♦  Increase access to information and probability of success
♦  Handling licensing and other restrictions


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